Please check this page often during the season as the results of the weekly competitions will be used to determine regular season standings that will ultimately determine which teams are invited to compete in the All-Service Raider State Championships. After the first competition at Etowah on August 29, and each subsequent week thereafter, this page will be updated to assign points to Raider teams for not only their competing in competitions throughout the season but also to reward teams for exceptional performance at those competitions throughout the season. For more on how standings will be calculated, please see the Standings Memo button at the bottom of this page.

Regular season standings below will be current on Sunday each week of the competition season. Points earned during the season will be in parentheses.

MALE (77)MIXED (86)FEMALE (34)
1. Osborne (32)1. Etowah (32)1. Osborne (20)
2. N Paulding (27)T-2. Lumpkin Co (30)T-2. Campbell (19)
T-3. Perry (22)T-2. Paulding Co (30)T-2. Hart Co (19)
T-3. RMA (22)4. N Paulding (29)4. Perry (18)
T-5. Adairsville (19)5. GMC (26)5. Grayson (16)
T-5. S Paulding (19)6. Elbert Co (16)T-6. Cedar Shoals (14)
7. White Co (18)T-7. Berkmar (15)T-6. Elbert Co (14)
8. Etowah (15)T-7. N Forsyth (15)T-6. GMC (14)
9. Rutland (14)9. N Gwinnett (13)9. Adairsville (13)
T-10. Campbell (13)T-10. S Paulding (12)10. Cartersville (10)
T-10. Cartersville (13)T-10. Winder Barrow (12)T-11. Jones Co (8)
T-10. Hart Co (13)12. Veterans (11)T-11. Northside (8)
13. Creekview (12)T-13. Alexander (10)T-13. Cherokee (7)
T-14. GMC (11)T-13. Social Circle (10)T-13. Empower (7)
T-14. Grayson (11)15. Madison Co (9)T-13. Norcross (7)
T-14. River Ridge (11)T-16. Cartersville (8)16. Hiram (6)
T-17. Cedar Shoals (10)T-16. Creekview (8)T-17. Discovery (5)
T-17. TKA (10)T-16. Dawson (8)T-17. Langston Hughes (5)
T-19. Alexander (9)T-19. Carroll Co (7)T-17. N Gwinnett (5)
T-19. Carroll Co (9)T-19. Discovery (7)T-17. N Springs (5)
T-19. Chamblee (9)T-19. Norcross (7)T-17. S Cobb (5)
22. Northside (8)T-22. Fayette Co (6)T-22. C Gwinnett (4)
T-23. Benedictine (7)T-22. Grovetown (6)T-22. Pebblebrook (4)
T-23. Empower (7)T-22. Harelson Co (6)T-24. Beach (3)
T-23. Jones Co (7)T-22. Hart Co (6)T-24. Centennial (3)
T-26. Clarke Central (6)T-22. Pebblebrook (6)T-24. Clarke Central (3)
T-26. Dawson (6)T-22. Westlake (6)T-24. Tri Cities (3)
T-26. Hiram (6)T-28. Carrollton (5)T-28. Chamblee (1)
T-26. N Gwinnett (6)T-28. Cedar Shoals (5)T-28. Colquitt Co (1)
T-30. Cherokee (5)T-28. Chamblee (5)T-28. Crisp Co (1)
T-30. Grovetown (5)T-28. Grayson (5)T-28. Grissom (1)
T-30. NE Macon (5)T-28. New Hampstead (5)T-28. LFO (1)
T-30. Pebblebrook (5)T-28. Sandy Creek (5)T-28. Riverwood ICS (1)
T-30. S Cobb (5)T-28. Stephens Co (5)T-28. Ware Co (1)
T-30. Sandy Creek (5)T-28. TKA (5)
T-30. Stephens Co (5)T-36. Apalachee (4)
T-37. Berkmar (4)T-36. C Gwinnett (4)
T-37. Colquitt Co (4)T-36. Sequoyah (4)
T-37. Mary Persons (4)T-39. Adairsville (3)
T-37. New Hampstead (4)T-39. Cass (3)
T-37. Westlake (4)T-39. Colquitt Co (3)
T-42. Cass (3)T-39. Dalton (3)
T-42. C Gwinnett (3)T-39. E Paulding (3)
T-42. Decatur (3)T-39. S Gwinnett (3)
T-42. Discovery (3)T-39. Spalding (3)
T-42. Lamar (3)T-39. Tri Cities (3)
T-42. Lithia Springs (3)T-47. Banneker (2)
T-42. N Springs (3)T-47. Bryan Co (2)
T-42. Putnam (3)T-47. Centennial (2)
T-42. Ringgold (3)T-47. Cherokee (2)
T-42. Roswell (3)T-47. Clarke Central (2)
T-52. Bryan Co (2)T-47. Dodge Co (2)
T-52. Centennial (2)T-47. E Coweta (2)
T-52. Crisp Co (2)T-47. Gordon Central (2)
T-52. Douglas Co (2)T-47. Griffin (2)
T-52. Harelson Co (2)T-47. Hiram (2)
T-52. Lakeside (2)T-47. Lafayette (2)
T-52. Langston Hughes (2)T-47. Lakeside (2)
T-52. Parkview (2)T-47. Langston Hughes (2)
T-52. Richmond HIll (2)T-47. Lithia Springs (2)
T-52. Riverwood ICS (2)T-47. Midtown (2)
T-52. Sumter Co (2)T-47. Osborne (2)
T-52. Thomas Co Central (2)T-47. Richmond Hill (2)
T-52. Tri Cities (2)T-47. S Cobb (2) 
T-52. Veterans (2)T-47. Sumter Co (2)
T-52. Worth Co (2)T-47. Thomas Co Central (2)
T-67. Beach (1)T-47. Turner Co (2)
T-67. Bradwell Institute (1)T-68. Bradwell (1)
T-67. Dooly Co (1)T-68. Creekside (1)
T-67. E Paulding (1)T-68. Crisp Co (1)
T-67. Gordon Central (1)T-68. Decatur (1)
T-67. Grissom (1)T-68. Dooly Co (1)
T-67. LFO (1)T-68. Irwin (1)
T-67. Social Circle (1)T-68. Lamar (1)
T-67. Spalding (1)T-68. LFO (1)
T-67. Ware Co (1)T-68. Liberty (1)

T-68. Lowndes (1)

T-68. Mitchell Co (1)

T-68. N Springs (1)

T-68. River Ridge (1)

T-68. Riverwood ICS (1)

T-68. Taylor Co (1)

T-68. Wilcox (1)

T-68. Wilkinson (1)

T-68. Windsor Forest (1)

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